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An offshoot of Tango Paradiso is Doyna. 

This ensemble of violin and piano accordion presents Argentine tango as well as a wide range of Eastern European, Klezmer, and Gypsy music. The duo has established a reputation for lively, theatrical performances.

The name Doyna refers to a style of lament from Romania and Moldovia and is synonymous with plaintive, and soulful melodies. ?Doyna uses the traditional format of violin and accordion to explore this exotic blend of East European and Gypsy music. Moshlo's roots in his European heritage have resulted in a vibrant connection with the soul of klezmer. ?Doyna however also offers a repertoire of tango music. Moshlo has performed both as musician and dancer in Buenos Aires. ?

During 2010 Moshlo gave concerts in Slovenia with virtuoso accordionist, Marko Deferri, and also recorded 'Doyna - Tangoyna'. This CD captures the dynamic interplay between violin and accordion, and features arrangements by Moshlo and Marko of traditional klezmer and tango melodies. 


For  prices, availability, further details and to make a booking, please call or email Janelle at:
tel/fax: (07) 3855 3048
Mobile: 0414 3855 30
ABN: 22 896 553 565
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