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Salubrious Productions
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Singer Repertoire

Belinda Mahoney

Belinda Mahony  Songs from musicals; Streisand; Garland; Andrews 

Dana Kingsford

Dana Kingsford Opera; classical; light classical; wedding & church music; ballads; musicals

Caitlin McMorrow

Caitlin McMorrow  Classical; light classical; ballads; musicals


D'Arne Sleeman Opera; classical; light classical; wedding & church music

Robert Pyper

Robert Pyper Classical, light opera, church music, ballads, Folk songs 

The Bennisons

Emma Bennison  Ballads; originals; easy-listening; popular; gospel; jazz

Peter Vance

Peter Vance Cabaret, Jazz, Ballads, Originals

Image Not Available

Jordina Howell Classical, church, wedding, Irish, folk

Hayley Kitchener

Hayley Kitchener

Classical; ballads; contemporary 

James Coady

James Coady  Opera; classical; musicals; comedy; character

Janelle Colquhoun

Janelle Colquhoun  Classical; opera; jazz; cabaret; popular

Timothy McCallum

Timothy McCallum Classical; Musical; Jazz; easy-listening


Julee-anne van der Boor Classical; early music; musicals

Ria Andriani

Ria Andriani Classical; musicals; pop; church; wedding; funeral
For  prices, availability, further details and to make a booking, please call or email Janelle at:
tel/fax: (07) 3855 3048
Mobile: 0414 3855 30
ABN: 22 896 553 565

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