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Musicians Instruments  Repertoire

Annie Laver

Annie laver

Oboe / piano  Classical; light classical; chamber

Belinda Andreussi

Belinda Andreussi

Piano/vocals  Pop; classical; easy-listening; piano bar

Adrian Burragubba

Adrian Burragubba

Didgeridoo / dancers 

Range of Authentic Australian Aboriginal Services

Belinda Manwaring

Belinda Manwaring  Cello  Classical; chamber;  wedding

Alex Miller

Alex Miller French horn  Classical; chamber; orchestral

Janice Preece

Janice Preece Harp  Classical; popular; easy-listening; Celtic; wedding 

David Williams

David Williams Didgeridoo Artist  Traditional welcomes; collaborations in classical, jazz, funk & traditional; arts and music festivals

Alex Raineri

Alex Raineri Pianist / composer  Classical; original works; background music

Clint Allen

Clint Allen Trumpet / composer / conductor Classical; jazz; crossover; contemporary; pop; funk

Joseph meyers

Joseph Meyers Guitar / lute / Theorbo  Classical; flamenco; Latin; jazz

Donald Hall

Donald Hall Harp / piano / percussion / sitar Celtic Persian; classical;  mood; wedding; concert; chamber; theatre

Andrew Hewitt

Andrew Hewitt

"Australia's Most Inspirational Drummer"

Festivals; conferences; workshops 

Jack Murphy

Jack Murphy Guitar/vocal  Pop; rock; pub

Jack Gabler

Jack Gabler Guitar/vocals / one-man band  50s-60s Rock íní Roll; Mathis to Hendrix

Sarah Gooda

Sarah Gooda Recorder; flute; piccolo; clarinet; saxophone; percussion; voice; 12 string harp; piano; guitar Classical, jazz, folk, early music, military, contemporary, fusion

Jeff Usher

Jeff Usher  Piano/vocals  Jazz; blues; originals; piano bar

Dave Hynes

Dave Hynes Vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion Pop, jazz, Aussie

Byron Mengel

Byron Mengel  Viola / carillon bells / percussion / piano / strings Classical; popular; arrangements upon request; wedding

Kathy Sander

Kathy Sander  Piano Concert / accompaniment  Mediterranean; chamber

Michael Nolan

Michael Nolan  Guitar/bass/vocals  Australian & Irish folk; bush; country; rock; pop

Morwenna Collet

Morwenna Collett  Flute  Classical; chamber; wedding

Ingrid Bauer

Ingrid Bauer Harp Classical; chamber; orchestral; wedding

Sophie Manoharan

Sophie Manoharan Flute / Piccolo  Chamber; classical; popular; wedding

David Kemp

Dave Kemp Vibes / marimba  Jazz; Latin; Mexican folk; Japanese; classical 

Steve Sparrow

Steve Sparrow Guitar/vocals  Rock; pop; pub; country; blues; ballads

Regis Danillon

Regis Danillon Piano  Classical; musicals & movie music;
piano bar; background; accompaniment

Karen Lonsdale

Karen Lonsdale Flute  Chamber music; weddings and functions; light classical; easy-listening; popular; orchestral

Nicole Dennington

Nicole Dennington Celtic / folk / chromatic / cross-string Harp Weddings; functions; folk festivals
For  prices, availability, further details and to make a booking, please call or email Janelle at:
tel/fax: (07) 3855 3048
Mobile: 0414 3855 30
ABN: 22 896 553 565
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