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Mythos Brass and Wind Quintet Real Audio Sample (319kbs)
Mythos Brass and Wind QuintetFormed in 1987, the Mythos Quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon & french horn) has steadily gained a reputation for quality performance of music from the wind quintet repertoire.  The quintet members, who all are or have been professional musicians, music teachers or both, are enthusiastic performers with a deep love of chamber music.
The Mythos Quintet always strives to provide a balanced and varied program wherever it performs and has therefore a wide range of works in its repertoire from which to choose.  
The functions and organisations for which they have played include Musica Viva; the Queensland Performing Arts Trust; the National Trust; a Vice-Regal reception; 4MBS; Queensland Conservatorium of Music Guild and many other Church and private functions. In 2002, Mythos expanded its repertoire accompanying a didgeridoo in the George Dreyfus sextet for a BCC Lunchtime Concert, and a singer at a Guild concert.  

The Quintet seldom passes up an opportunity to share the pleasure of live music, well played with the people of Queensland.

For  prices, availability, further details and to make a booking, please call or email Janelle at:
tel/fax: (07) 3855 3048
Mobile: 0414 3855 30
ABN: 22 896 553 565
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