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Daryl Elliott Green

Daryl GreenCorporate, conference, resilience, leadership, inspirational, motivational speaker / workshop facilitator, MC

It took all but a dramatically intense millisecond for Senior Sergeant Daryl Elliott Green’s life to implode. At 3:50am on 1 May 2000 in a dark Brisbane cul-de-sac, Queensland Police Officer Daryl Green was Twice Shot.

Few Australians could have missed the horrific news of the May Day long weekend Hanbury Street shooting. The then First Class Constable Daryl  Green, Constable Sharnelle Cole and Sergeant Chris Mulhall were ambushed and shot numerous times at close range by Nigel Parodi. The three officers miraculously survived.

Shot in the face and shoulder from a metre away by a semiautomatic .22 calibre rifle, Daryl survived every police officer’s worst nightmare. Initially doubled over by the impact, he drew his Service revolver, exited the police vehicle and searched for the offender.

Following a massive manhunt, Parodi, a former private schoolboy known to police, was found dead in bushland near the Chermside crime scene three weeks later. He had taken his own life.

Over the next 7 years Daryl endured a series of facial reconstruction surgeries and experienced depression for the first time in his 27 years. He nonetheless demonstrated an incredible strength of character, determination, motivation and resilience. Following an initial 18 month recovery period, Daryl returned to work with the Queensland Police Service and simultaneously completed a Master of Applied Finance qualification from the University of Southern Queensland.

After years of recovery, assisted by the strong support of good friends and family, Daryl Elliott Green now gives powerful talks on resilience, discussing personal, professional and management lessons supported by the latest research. Lessons include actively choosing attitudes to events; being proactive; managing triggers; practicing self-care; finding supportive and positive role models; gaining insight; engaging in courageous conversations. 

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With audio from the shooting, a highly visual multimedia presentation and handouts, Daryl Elliott Green has delivered his inspirational and motivational resilience presentations to corporations, community groups, managers, police, workers and victims of traumatic events from Maryborough to the Philippines, New Zealand and Germany.

Senior Sergeant Daryl Elliott Green has deservedly received many distinguished awards, most notably the Queensland Police Service Valour Award – the highest award for valour in the Queensland Police Service.

Citation: “In the early hours of 1 May 2000, Sergeant Christopher Mulhall and Constables Daryl Green and Sharnelle Cole responded to a complaint by a person that a neighbour had threatened to enter his residence at West Chermside, shoot him, and then turn the gun on himself…With screams of ‘I’m going to get you’ the offender ambushed the officers by rapidly discharging a series of .22 calibre sub-sonic rounds through the open doors of the police vehicle, wounding all three officers. Despite being unaware of the whereabouts of the offender and having sustained gunshot wounds to the face, Constable Green immediately drew his Service revolver and placed himself in front of the police vehicle to provide protection for Constable Cole. Senior Constable Brett Price then arrived at the scene and dragged Constable Green, who had by now lost a significant amount of blood, to the side of the police vehicle…Although having sustained serious gunshot injuries, Constable Green demonstrated courage in endeavouring to ensure the safety and well-being of fellow officers. By his actions, Constable Green displayed exceptional bravery.”

Daryl Elliott Green has overcome the physical and post-traumatic injuries he suffered as a result of being Twice Shot. He again pursues his passion for travel, skiing, running, learning languages, cooking and in March 2013 accomplished the gruelling climb up Mount Kilimanjaro as a fundraiser for the Special Olympics. 

Senior Sergeant Daryl Elliott Green is an engaging and captivating speaker with a remarkable and insightful story to share. 

“It was the most powerful and engaging presentation that I have ever been a part of. I have never sat in a presentation where I forgot what time it was, I was completely enthralled.”
“You are truly amazing and not only do you tell a great story, but you are clearly a facilitator - completely engaging.”
“You have given us so much to take away in regards to facing adversity. You’re an inspiration to us all.”
“It was a privilege to have you share your experience as personal and raw as it was. Thank you for your honesty and bravery.”
“You are truly an amazing person and you have achieved so much. Your presentation is amazing and I have learnt so much from it and will take a bit more care and time with those around me. Thank you.”

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